Why use an environmental mat?

28.02.23 By Christophe Gippet

Environmental mat

Driver of a motorbike or any other mechanical sport machine? Whether you are a motorcycle, motocross, karting, quad or SSV enthusiast, having an environmental matis now mandatory when using your machine. SIXTEN offers you a wide range of floor mats, including motorcycle mats, with a highly selective design and high quality, 100% made in France. These items are made from local materials in accordance with the standards set by the International Motorcycling Federation (F.I.M.) and are subject to individual customization in the colors of your favorite brand or at your convenience. Several brands are thus found in our catalog, namely: Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, etc. You will benefit from adopting one during your exercises, we explain you why.

SIXTEN, a brand made in France at the service of quality and the environment

It was in January 2021 in France, more precisely in Hossegor in the Landes department, where the company was born. A department whose immense forest (the largest in France) has built its reputation, no doubt justifying its commitment to sustainable development, a commitment supported by the company.

The brand specializes in the design and manufacture of floor mats, with a large production centered on environmental motorcycle mats, personalized in the colors of a company of your choice or according to your personal requirements. These rugs are entirely designed on the company's site and using eco-responsible processes. They thus mark the commitment of the brand and the buyer to the preservation of the environment.

Why use an environmental mat?

The use of a carpet in motorsport, although compulsory, is an initiative that allows concrete actions to be taken for the protection of nature.

The motorcycle mat to reduce ground disturbance

Environmental damage is not limited to the release of harmful chemicals onto the soil, but also includes the pressure exerted on the land and the resulting disturbance.

In this particular case, the environmental mat acts as a protective barrier between the ground and your motorcycle. This is also valid for any other machine in your possession, under which you have the obligation to place a floor mat. This barrier should always be inserted under your device regardless of where it is parked (at home, on the racetrack, in your garage). Ensuring the systematic use of this protection considerably reduces the impact of mechanical sports equipment on the ground.

The motorcycle carpet absorbs the various substances and vibrations emitted by your motorcycle, thus preserving the underlying flora and fauna. Oils and other liquids emitted by your car, when you warm up the engine, will not be able to spill onto the ground and affect its balance.

The motorcycle mat to avoid soil contamination

With the vibrations and all the substances released by your motorcycle in contact with the ground, the latter undergoes disturbances. The use of an environmental mat is mandatory in France and serves as a protective barrier as long as the environment below your device is not exposed. This precaution will promote the rapid restoration of the underlying ecosystem, which is not the case if it is destroyed. In the absence of carpet, the diffusion of disturbing elements towards the ground leads to the loss of this ecosystem below. In this case, more time and money would have to be invested in rebuilding it. Its usefulness is obvious both in your garage and in the paddocks, on a training or competition circuit. ..

Sports machine driver, you need an F.I.M. to mark your compliance with standards, as well as your eco-responsible commitment. Motorsports allow you to thrive but doing it while preserving the environment is better.

Motorcycle mats: a FIM quality 

At SIXTEN, we strive to produce high quality F.I.M. certified and standardized items. for the proper support of people like you, lovers of motor sports and extreme sports. Since you are required to have a motorcycle mat, our catalog has a wide variety of custom-made environmental mats, adapted to your activity.

They all have a minimum absorption volume of 1.5 L of liquid per square meter, significantly reducing the impact of pollution caused by motorsports. Nevertheless, you will be careful not to exceed the retention capacity of your carpet, which would reduce your efforts to nothing.

These floor mats are time and wear resistant. They have two parts:

- the first, the one in contact with the ground, is made of PVC. It is an insulator that favors the retention of potential substances spilled on the carpet, preventing them from coming into contact with the ground.

- the second, for its part, is made of polyamide, a material of selective quality allowing the inscription and the maintenance of the intensity of the colors, regardless of the weather. It is in this zone that the personalization of your carpet is carried out at your convenience.

Custom environmental mats

WithSIXTEN, you have the opportunity to stand out from your competitors by making modifications to the motorcycle carpet of your choice. Do you like a particular brand or do you have a logo, a message to convey? Perhaps, do you want a carpet in the colors chosen according to your brand image? We produce customized environmental floor mats for you.

Our company has carpets adapted to your needs. Whatever type of motorsport gear you own, we make sure to provide you with the right environmental mat for it. If you have any special requirements that are not mentioned in the suggestions and that are part of your identity, you can submit them to the company's services so that we can help you obtain your personalized environmental mat.

Our team is essentially made up of passionate motorsport enthusiasts, so we will do our best to respond to your requests.