You have a Polaris ATV and you are looking for an environmental mat? You are right, at SIXTEN we offer quad floor mats in 150 x 190. In addition to being an environmentally friendly quad accessory, it serves to highlight the colours of your team. [Read more]

Environmental mat POLARIS

Are you a real quad enthusiast and would you like to buy a floor mat?

Choose your favourite model and choose the colour that suits you best. 

We offer you five models of environmental mats for quad bikes, which you can choose from in the colour of your choice!  Our SIXTEN environmental mats are suitable for both utility and leisure quads from the American brand Polaris.

If you are the proud owner of a quad, you probably know what an environmental mat is. 

But why exactly? 

The 150 cm x 190 cm Polaris quad mat is the perfect size to protect the floor when you are doing repairs. 

Its coating allows it to absorb oil, petrol and other liquids from your quad. The black PVC base of the mat is waterproof and non-slip to ensure comfort and safety when you are working on your machine.

Thanks to its absorption capacity of 1.5L per square metre, your Sixten mat will absorb liquids from your quad. This prevents the liquids from polluting the floor.  Environmental floor mats also allow you to keep your quad in your garage without damaging the floor! Thanks to the Polaris mat, no more oil and petrol patches on the floor. 

Today, it is essential to have a Polaris environmental mat to preserve the grounds, so don't wait any longer! Customise yours on our website.

Find all our environmental quad mats HERE.