On SIXTEN you will find a wide selection of Yamaha mats for your motorbike. We offer several models that are available in your favourite colour. Our Yamaha environmental mats are perfect for your paddock or your garage. [Read More]

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Motocross Mat YAMAHA
MARKER 95x200

Price €41.58


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Motorbike Mat YAMAHA
STRIPE 95x240

Price €115.83


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Motorbike mat YAMAHA
MARKER 95x240

Price €115.83

Yamaha moto environmental mat

Available in sizes of 95cm x 240cm, a Yamaha environmental mat is the essential motorbike accessory that has become mandatory at some races. Each motorbike mat can be used for road bikes, sports bikes, roadsters, choppers and cruisers.

These environmental mats for motorbikes allow you to ride more responsibly and comfortably.

With an absorption capacity of 1.5L per square metre, your Yamaha mat absorbs harmful fluids from your motorcycle. It prevents oil and other fluids from polluting the ground and dirtying your garage. Thus, your Yamaha motorbike mat will become your best support to make the necessary adjustments on your motorbike without dirtying everything. You will also be able to carry out repairs in your garage in a comfortable way by kneeling on your mat.

All our Yamaha motorbike mats are F.I.M. approved and approved for competition.

By choosing your customised mat at Sixten, you are supporting Made in France and making the choice of quality, stylish and environmentally responsible mats. All Yamaha models are available in the brand's emblematic colours and can be personalised.

So what are you waiting for? Let your personal requirements speak for themselves and showcase your colours on the track.

Designed for long term use, the environmental motorbike mats can be easily cleaned with a karcher.

If you want to have a unique environmental mat, no problem, we take care of everything! At Sixten, we also offer to customise your Yamaha motorbike equipment in your team's colours.

Find all our environmental motorbike mats HERE.