Are you a trials or enduro enthusiast and are you looking for an environmental mat in the colours of the French brand Sherco? You will find the Sherco motorbike floor mat you need on our website. [Read more]

Sherco motocross environmental mat

Are you a real motocross enthusiast and would like to buy a floor mat?

At SIXTEN, we offer you 5 models of mats in 95 x 200: CLASSIC, STRIPE, MARKER, FASTLINE and SHADOW. You can choose your favourite model and choose the colour that suits you best.

For trial and enduro enthusiasts, it is now compulsory to have an environmental mat on competition grounds. 

The dimensions of our environmental mat are perfectly suited to Sherco enduro and trial bikes.

Thanks to its absorption capacity of 1.5L per square meter, your Sixten mat can absorb liquids from your bike.  This prevents these liquids from polluting the ground and impacting our ecosystem. 

Thus, your Sherco motorbike mat will become your best support to make the necessary adjustments on your motorbike without dirtying everything. 

A Sherco motocross environmental mat is also an ideal motorbike accessory. Thanks to this floor mat you can now do your repairs in your garage or workshop without getting everything dirty.

Do you want a mat that is unique and looks like you? We offer you to create your own personalised environmental motorbike mat!

By choosing your customised mat at Sixten you support the Made in France and make the choice of quality, stylish and environmentally friendly mats. All models can be customised so let your personal requirements speak for themselves and showcase your colours on the track.

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