Are you a motocross enthusiast and looking for an environmental mat from the Japanese brand Suzuki? You will find the MX floor mat you need on our website [Read more].

Suzuki motocross environmental mat

On the SIXTEN website, you can choose the environmental mat for Suzuki motocross that suits you best! 

At SIXTEN, we offer you 5 models of mats in 95 x 200: CLASSIC, STRIPE, MARKER, FASTLINE and SHADOW. 

You can choose your favourite model in the colour that suits you best. The dimensions of our environmental mat are suitable for both Suzuki motocross and enduro bikes. 

For motocross riders, it is now mandatory to have an environmental mat on the competition grounds. 

Designed with a waterproof PVC base and thanks to its absorbent foam, no liquid will pass through your mat!

Another advantage of the environmental mat is that it will make DIY sessions more enjoyable! The environmental mat not only respects the atmosphere, but also respects your knees. It's always more pleasant to kneel on the mat than on dirt or concrete!

The environmental mat is the essential motocross accessory. It meets the F.I.M. standards and is now part of the compulsory motocross equipment to have on the competitions.

Don't wait any longer and customize your Suzuki environmental mat! 

If you want to have a unique environmental mat, no problem, we take care of everything. At SIXTEN, we are at your disposal for the customization of your motocross mat. All models can be customised, so let your personal requirements speak for themselves and showcase your colours on the track.

Your customised mat will be sent from the company's premises in the Landes.

Find all our environmental motocross mats HERE.