Motocross Mat FUSION SUZUKI 95x200


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🎨 Customize it with your logos, name, and number to showcase your style!
🏍️ Dare to be extreme with a bold pattern and deconstructed lines.
🚀 Perfect for thrill-seekers looking for originality.

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The base of our products are made of Nitrile to avoid soil penetration

SUZUKI FUSION Motocross Mat 95x200

Protect your floor in style with the SUZUKI FUSION Motocross Mat, a masterpiece of racing design created for speed enthusiasts! It is the ideal accessory for SUZUKI motocross owners, created by SIXTEN for eco-conscious riders. With perfect dimensions of 95 x 200 cm, this mat is designed to effectively protect the floor under your motocross, absorbing oils and hydrocarbons while complying with F.I.M. pollution standards. Our mats are designed in the Southwest of France and are specially crafted to meet the current needs of motocross enthusiasts. Choose the Sixten mat featuring the style and protection of the Suzuki brand.

Technical Features:

💪 Absorbs more than 1.5L/m² of oils and hydrocarbons
🌐 F.I.M. approved, environmentally friendly - Essential for track training and competition!
🛡️ Robust PVC base - 100% Polyamide foam - Built to last!
🎨 State-of-the-art inkjet digital printing for exceptional print quality and millimeter-perfect finish.
🇫🇷 French company
🏁 Stylish 2.5 cm border
⬆️ Ideal height of 6 mm
📏 Dimensions: 95 x 200 cm
⚖️ Perfectly balanced weight: 4.65kg

Key Strengths:

🌿 Environmentally friendly
🚿 Washable with a high-pressure washer - Easy to maintain.
🌈 100% customizable - Add your personal touch: Name, Number, Official Logos from our library, and your own Logos!
📦 Made and delivered within 3 weeks

FIM Standard - Essential for all Riders!

From now on, environmental mats are mandatory on tracks and during competitions, according to the F.I.M. (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme). In short, an environmental mat must absorb 1.5L of liquid per square meter, thus helping to reduce soil pollution related to motor sports. Rest assured, all SIXTEN mats are approved in accordance with the F.I.M. standard, guaranteeing not only style and performance but also a commitment to the environment. 🌍🔒 #RideResponsibly

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