Buying an environmental mat means investing in a durable, useful and personalised piece of equipment. In addition to being environmentally friendly and practical, a floor mat allows you to have an accessory in the colours of your favourite brand and your team! The dimensions of our mats are adapted to each sport offered: a Yamaha motorbike mat will not have the same dimensions as a KTM motocross mat.

Our environmental mats are designed in our premises in Hossegor and are made in Europe. A floor mat is made up of a waterproof PVC base, which prevents fluids and hydrocarbons from reaching the ground because it is a material that is perfectly resistant to humidity. An absorbent foam is glued to this PVC base, which can absorb more than 1.5L per m², as required by the F.I.M. Initially, this foam is white, but it is dyed by inkjet to print patterns, brand logos and rider names. The weight of a 95x200 environmental mat is 4.5kg. A SIXTEN environmental mat is 6.5mm thick and the foam composition is 100% Polyamide. The PVC border of 2.5 cm completes the finish of the mats.

Thanks to our customisation tool, you can have a mat that looks like you, because it is fully customisable. You can choose the colours, logos, size and layout of the logos, fonts and more. At SIXTEN, we offer to make your environmental mat to measure.

Our carpets are easy to maintain and there are several techniques to wash them. You can use a high-pressure Kärcher cleaning system. It is also possible to take your carpet to the dry cleaners or to wash it in the machine at 30°C to remove the dirt.