You have an ATV CFMoto and you are looking for an environmental mat? You are right, at SIXTEN we offer quad floor mats in 150 x 190. In addition to being an environmentally friendly quad accessory, it serves to highlight the colours of your team. [Read more]

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Environmental mat CFMOTO

Are you passionate about the CFMOTO brand and do you ride a quad bike? Well, we offer CFMOTO environmental quad mats approved to F.I.M. standards! 

Available in sizes of 150cm x 190cm, a CFMOTO environmental mat is the essential motorbike accessory that has become compulsory in certain races. Our SIXTEN environmental mats are suitable for both utility and sport quads of the CFMoto brand.

Our five models of mats: CLASSIC, STRIPE, MARKER, FASTLINE and SHADOW are available in the emblematic colours of CFMOTO.

Indeed, these environmental mats for quads allow you to adopt a more responsible and comfortable driving style. 

Thanks to its absorption capacity of 1.5L per square metre, your CFMOTO mat absorbs harmful liquids from your car. It prevents oil and other fluids from polluting the ground and dirtying your garage. Thus, your CFMOTO motorbike mat will become your best support for making the necessary adjustments to your quad without getting everything dirty. You will also be able to carry out your repairs in your garage in a comfortable way by kneeling on your mat.

The floor mats on our site meet the F.I.M. standards and are certified for competition circuits.

The SIXTEN environmental mats are designed in our premises in the Landes. It is a quad equipment that has become mandatory in competition and almost indispensable to save your garage when you are repairing or after you have gone riding! 

Designed for long term use, the environmental quad mats can be easily cleaned with a karcher.

If you want to have a unique environmental mat, no problem, we take care of everything! At Sixten, we also offer to customise your CFMOTO motorbike equipment with your team's colours.

Find all our environmental quad mats HERE.