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12.06.24 By Noelie Fourcaud

How to Showcase Your Moto Sponsors?

Sponsors are crucial in the world of sports, especially in motorcycle racing. Whether it's for riders, teams, or events, they provide essential funds, support, and contribute to the visibility of those they endorse. To properly thank them for their support, it's important to know how to showcase them. Whether you're a rider or part of a motorcycle team, there are different ways to display your sponsors.

Participate in Events

Events are essential if you want to showcase your sponsors. Whether during competitions, trade shows, interviews, or other events, every opportunity is crucial to thank them and strengthen your partnerships. By setting up banners and posters displaying the colors and logos of your sponsors, you can easily attract the attention of the public and the media. During interviews, regularly mention your sponsors and how they support you by publicly thanking them for maximum visibility. Your social media platforms are also one of the best ways to communicate about your sponsors; by sharing live and personalized content, you provide them with additional visibility. Take advantage of every event to showcase the products or services of your sponsors.

Display Your Sponsors on Your Equipment

Your equipment is your best ally to thank your sponsor. From the motorcycle to the suit, and even T-shirts, use everything to showcase them! While your motorcycle is the center of attention waiting on the track to start the race, it becomes more than just a machine. Use it to proudly display the colors and logos of those who support and accompany you to victory. Decal kits allow you to customize your motorcycle and attract attention by showing off your sponsors' logos. Furthermore, your motorcycle is not your only means of thanking them; your suit and helmet are also display mediums to showcase your sponsors. If you're part of the pilot's technical team, leave no detail to chance! Showcase sponsors by offering them visibility through your stand. Whether it's on paddock banners, T-shirts, or caps, you have plenty of ways to thank them. Let's not forget social media, which is now one of the best ways to communicate and give visibility, as during certain events.


Decal kits are an ideal solution to proudly display your sponsors on your motorcycle. Easily and quickly customize your stickers with the colors and logos of your partners. By choosing the best locations to stick your stickers, you maximize their visibility and show your gratitude. By using decal kits to promote your sponsors, you strengthen your partnerships while stylizing your vehicle.


Your suit and helmet are also excellent ways to showcase your partners. By customizing your pilot equipment with their logos and colors, you offer them constant visibility, on the track or during events. Teams can also showcase sponsors by wearing them on their clothes. From T-shirts to caps, offer them continuous exposure. By integrating them into your equipment, you show them your gratitude through your looks.


It is also important to showcase your sponsors in your paddock to promote them. By integrating the colors and logos of your sponsors into the decoration, you maximize their visibility. With banners or signs, display your partnerships by creating a cohesive and attractive space. By organizing events within your stand, you can also increase their visibility while strengthening your relationships with your sponsors.

Showcase Your Sponsors on Our Sixten Environmental Mats!

What better place than your paddock to showcase your sponsors? This bustling venue offers unique opportunities to proudly display your partners. Innovate by customizing Sixten environmental mats. You are surely aware, having an environmental mat is mandatory when using your vehicle. Sixten mats offer you an opportunity to thank your partners by exposing their logos to everyone's eyes while being compliant. Customizing Sixten mats allows you to choose the color, logos, and texts you want. By strategically placing your mats, you ensure your sponsors are highlighted like never before. By choosing Sixten mats, you show your commitment to the environment while offering visibility to those who support you.

Every detail counts to showcase your sponsors while showing them your appreciation. By integrating these different strategies into your approach, you effectively thank them and strengthen your partnership for long-term mutual success.



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